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Gold Star Publishing

Gold Star Publishing can help:


  • Start or finish your book with our professional ghostwriting services;

  • Edit your manuscript to ensure it is of professional, marketable quality;

  • Prepare your manuscript for submission;

  • Create a professional book cover and design that perfectly represents you and your book;

  • Work with you to create the best formats for your book (audio, eBooks, soft or hardcover);

  • Promote your book through the creation and execution of a personalized marketing plan catered to your sales goals;

  • Position your book to achieve optimal sales, including online and online retail outlets worldwide.


Gold Star Publishing…turning your literary dreams into a reality!

Millions of great book ideas will never see the light of day. Gathering dust in the bottoms of drawers or the backs of filing cabinets, these best-sellers lie sleeping, needing only to be polished up and published for the world to see. Led by award-winning and best-selling author Dan Milstein, the team at Gold Star Publishing can help make your literary dreams a reality. We support you with a range of professional services, such as ghostwriting, editorial review, design, production, marketing and publicity.



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